Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jackie Chan At London Opening Ceremony

Jackie was spotted passing through security at the London Games Opening Ceremony:

And spotted in the stands:

And with La and Zy:

SOURCE: WEIBO and Donald Miralle

5 comments: said...

i just randomly bumped into the amazing JAckie in a street in London! unbelievable!but totally GUTTED at the same time as one of his party kindly used my iphone to take my photo with hin and then after he'd moved on i realised that the memory on my phone was full!!!! so no photo!!! Am completely gutted! jackie had happily posed for the photo, and how he is always gracious enough to always do that shows the greatness of the man as an amazing hunan being. still cant believe that i literally bumped into him on a london street! am still buzzing one hour later!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful and how awful for you. Such a pity about the photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. That's great^^ why cant I meet him randomly on a street?! LOL. One day, one day!

Anonymous said...

Was Jackie official to see? I mean, does he stand official there and talk to the publicity? Because I coudn't watch the ceremonie till end.

Anonymous said...

No Jackie was not in the opening ceremony. He was just a guest in the audience.

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