Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interview with Jackie

Interview with Jackie after his charity visit to Minxian.
HERE is the direct link Ok I got some brief help with understanding what he is saying. Roughly he says he has lots of old injuries and shows / talks about his shoulder injury. He says that he will not do any more big stunts. He also said that the audience thinks he is still young. He talked about Jaycee briefly and doing charity briefly.


Anonymous said...

damnnn, its so frustrating not knowing what he's saying! :|

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous : That's true. I wish to understand, so I will try to lear a little bit chinese. I hope it IS chinese. He talks a lot of languages. Five or something like that.

Can you please load up an interview on ellen or David letterman or something like that? An english interview will be better if he do a new one.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of copies of interviews on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Is that the shoulder injury from City Hunter? I always though it was his left shoulder

Anonymous said...

No idea, I think it might just be accumulative damage? Supercop? Honestly I don't recall Jackie ever saying if it was any particular injury that made his shoulder like that in any interview.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it must be as a result of everything. It looks so painful!

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