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Sleep in My Arms - Lyrics

Sleep in My Arms is from "A Boy's Life' one of Jackie's earlier albums. I'm sorry I can't find the original kanji / hiragana text.


ameni - utarete / machio - samayoi
kimiwa- hitoride / naite - ita no

daremo - shiranai / koi no - ita mini
kaeru - sorasae / nakushita - wataritori no youni

itoshii hitoyî naka kanaide / boku no mune deoyasumi
ugo kanai - kimi no tokei / yoru no umini shizumete agerukara

itoshii hitoyo kizutsuita / koi no haneo yasumete
kimiga mata - tobitatsu toki / kanashimiwa ainika waruhazusa

tsurai - yoruniwa / omoida - shite
bokuwa – itsudemo/ kimio – miteruyo

dakara - kanashii / koiwa - wasurete
yume no - aidao / tobikau - watari tori no youni

itoshii hitoyo meotojite / boku no mune deoyasumi
utawanai – orugo oruwa / yoru no sunani uzumete agerukara

itoshii hitoyo kokoro kara / aishiaeru darekani
kimigamata - meguri auhi / kanashimiwa aini kawaru hazusa

itoshii hitoyo kizutsuita / koi no haneo yasumete
kimiga mata - tobitatsu toki / kanashimiha ainika waruhazusa

La la la la la la la....


Wandering around town
You were crying alone.

Like a migratory bird which doesn't have sky to go back
Because of the pain of love which others don't know.

My dear, don't cry, sleep in my arms.
I'll sink your broken watch into the sea at night.

My dear, give your injured love wings a rest.
The sadness will change into love when you fly.

When you are sad remember me
I'm always looking at you.

So forget your sad love
Like a migratory bird which is flying between dreams.

My dear, close your eyes, sleep in my arms.
I'll sink the music box which don't make sound into sand at night.

My dear, when you meet someone who can truly love to each other,
The sadness will change into love.

Dear person, give your injured love of wings rest.
You again fly when the sadness love into change will.


Anonymous said...

Thanksssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 :) C

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the discography, but there are so many places on the web you can find that information. I tend to concentrate on news, and harder to find information about Jackie. For example the lyrics I post are not widely available and I have searched for them on Chinese sites after receiving requests because they are impossible to find.

Thanks again, please enjoy the site. If you want me to find lyrics I can try and if you want to share lyrics then please share the full information ie original text (Japanese or Chinese characters + transliteration + translation)

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you. Jackie Chan japanese song lyric translation is hard to find. But this song are so beautiful. I like him. Its hard to find translation of MARIANNE, HELLO HAPPY SONG, TOKYO SATURDAY NIGHT, POLICE STORY 2 THEME. I search 1992 OST Police Story 3: Super Cop I HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND but cant find it and YOU GIVE ME A NEW WORLD . There be some more, but if one of this or two...I will be happy if you add and not only me...of course. This site is the best and I (we) really enjoy with all this variety. Thanks, bye.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Thank you for the translation of Project A2 theme song. Jackie's music is a huge undertaking. You are so enthusiastic about it, and have a lot of information. Why don't you start your own blog with Jackie Chan Music. There aren't any good sites with his music any more. I'm sure many fans would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely right that there was no good sites with Jackie chan music any more. I try to start with facebook or something and hope that we join together and there be really good for many of his fans and collection of translations all of his songs that we more understand what his heart of dragon talking to us and be more understandable and have more love and go forward in this world.Thank you, I will injoy in every new news on your great site - I love besides his music shows, movies, interviews, etc and even more his kung fu skills and love him watching and myself also training his skills, because it helps your body be stronger and mind clearer. Many of this I thanks people like you who share this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - Fantastic. I wish you the best of luck. I'm just not sure FB is the best place to start. The problem with FB is that lots of people don't use it and it is hard to access if you are not a member. Try looking at one of the free website or blog services. But I think its great if you do it.

carolthescot said...

That's lovely :0)

Lucky said...
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Lucky said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky I saw your blog. Good luck with it. I gave you a mention on Twitter to help get you going with some visitors.

Lucky said...
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