Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jackie and Frankie Chan

Frankie Chan while filming Chinese Zodiac

Because Jackie has been working quite closely with Frankie Chan recently and because I came across this information which quite surprised me I thought I would share it with you and learn more about Frankie and Jackie's long association going right back to the early days.

All in all, Frankie Chan and Jackie Chan's origins deal, Frankie Chan's first starring work, "Shuāng Bǎo Chuǎng Bā Guān" was produced by Golden Harvest, so they are also considered to be out of the same company. His second film, was directed by Sammo Hung. Since his performance in “bàijiā zǐ”, once again with Sammo Hung, Frankie and Jackie Chan are also considered to have a friendship. From "Dragon Master" onwards Frankie Chan received many invitations to work with Jackie Chan as executive director, action director and co-director in films such as: "Operation Condor," "Drunken Master 2", "Thunderbolt " , " Gorgeous " , "Rush Hour" and so on.


From IMDB we can see that Frankie was the composer on movies such as "Master with Cracked Fingers" (1971) and "Spiritual Kungfu" (1978) . He was second unit director on "Operation Condor" (1991) and was the stunt co-ordinator for "Thunderbolt" (1995). Clearly Jackie and Frankie have known each other and worked together for a long time.

With this history I have high hopes for their association on Armour of God 3 - Chinese Zodiac.


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