Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two Videos from Twitter

I shared these videos of Jackie on Twitter a few days ago. Finally got round to sharing them with everyone here.

Jackie and Brad Allen on SNL

Jackie, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao on a Taiwanese Talkshow in 1988 promoting Dragon Lord


Anonymous said...

Realy great site, the best what i see. I hope there be more shows and Jackie Chan song translations (I hope his old japanese, cantonese songs also). Thank you. You are the great with this hard work!

Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure. If you search the blog there are quite a few songs and lyrics uploaded. Look for links to lyrics in the sidebar at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I find this translation and you can use it on your great website. If I can I will send some more and hope that there we have collection of Jackie Chan song translation like we have subtitles in movies.Thanks.


ameni - utarete / machio - samayoi
kimiwa- hitoride / naite - ita no

daremo - shiranai / koi no - ita mini
kaeru - sorasae / nakushita - wataritori no youni

itoshii hitoyî naka kanaide / boku no mune deoyasumi
ugo kanai - kimi no tokei / yoru no umini shizumete agerukara

itoshii hitoyo kizutsuita / koi no haneo yasumete
kimiga mata - tobitatsu toki / kanashimiwa ainika waruhazusa

tsurai - yoruniwa / omoida - shite
bokuwa – itsudemo/ kimio – miteruyo

dakara - kanashii / koiwa - wasurete
yume no - aidao / tobikau - watari tori no youni

itoshii hitoyo meotojite / boku no mune deoyasumi
utawanai – orugo oruwa / yoru no sunani uzumete agerukara

itoshii hitoyo kokoro kara / aishiaeru darekani
kimigamata - meguri auhi / kanashimiwa aini kawaru hazusa

itoshii hitoyo kizutsuita / koi no haneo yasumete
kimiga mata - tobitatsu toki / kanashimiha ainika waruhazusa

La la la la la la la....


Wandering around town
You were crying alone.

Like a migratory bird which doesn't have sky to go back
Because of the pain of love which others don't know.

My dear, don't cry, sleep in my arms.
I'll sink your broken watch into the sea at night.

My dear, give your injured love wings a rest.
The sadness will change into love when you fly.

When you are sad remember me
I'm always looking at you.

So forget your sad love
Like a migratory bird which is flying between dreams.

My dear, close your eyes, sleep in my arms.
I'll sink the music box which don't make sound into sand at night.

My dear, when you meet someone who can truly love to each other,
The sadness will change into love.

Dear person, give your injured love of wings rest.
You again fly when the sadness love into change will.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful lyrics ...!!!! Thanksssssssssssssss !!! ^___^ C

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