Monday, November 14, 2011

Song Hongyu donates to JCCF

Song Hongyu chairperson of Wuhan Dragon Wine Co. believes that with success you must not forget to give back and is involved with many charitable causes.

During the charity auction co-sponsored by JCCF and Wuhan Dragon Wine she learned that in poor areas, basic food and clothing is still a difficulty for the families, as well as a harsh living environment, where the children are unable to enjoy basic education conditions. She immediately donated 1 million yuan to JCCF for the reconstruction of schools. She hopes that the money will build bright, safe classrooms for children to have happy childhood.

Chutianjinbao News November 12, 2011 afternoon, the top ten food and beverage brand-name companies - Wuhan Dragon Prince wine Xuan Kang, chairman Song Hongyu Hongshan Hotel to participate in the long line of family "and love together" will sing, at Kang Long Prince, chairman of Song Hongyu the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation donated 1 million yuan for school reconstruction love. The donation was designated to the Foundation account on the same day.

Song Hongyu is a dedicated, public-spirited undertakings outstanding philanthropic entrepreneurs, she often said that "success can not forget the return of society." Cause for the disabled from the donor, flood relief, consolation revolutionary martyrs, to help elderly, poor college students, young people suffering from cancer, and donated to charity, etc., one can see her charity. She doing it as their social responsibility.

In the Dragon family "and love together" singing at a charity auction links, auction results nobody cares, when she learned that charity auction proceeds are donated to primary schools in poor areas to build love, on the spot offered $ 5 million will be its shot down. Subsequently, she also learned that in the vast remote and poor areas, basic food and clothing is still a problem in the difficulty the family, living environment, where the constraints for the children, unable to enjoy basic education conditions, that take a picture of early life hard tender face, which both eyes full of desire for the unknown immediately surfaced in her eyes. She immediately Youxiang Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation donated 1 million yuan for school reconstruction love. She hopes to humble themselves to help those kids into the spacious, bright and safe classroom, the school flying their fervent dream of, so that children can have a happy, intelligent childhood.

武汉亢龙太子百万援建爱心小学 捐款当日已到账

楚天金报讯 2011年11月12下午,全国十大餐饮名牌企业——武汉亢龙太子酒轩公司董事长宋红玉一行在洪山宾馆参加龙家族“与爱同行”欢唱会,会上亢龙太子董事长宋红玉向成龙慈善基金会捐款100万元用于援建爱心小学。该捐款已于当日划到基金会账户上。





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