Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jackie Chan Receives China Children's Charity Award

To celebrate 30 years of public service and to further promote a culture of charity China, Children and Teenager's Fund set up an award to celebrate 30 people from all walks of life who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese children's charities. The selection process started in March 2011 and after receiving community recommendations, the committee selected 30 people to receive the "Dedicating Love to Children - 'China Children Charity Inspiring Figures in 30 Years' Award".

To further promote the charity culture, highlight the spirit of charity, showing China's first public foundations--China children and teenager's Fund set up 30 years of public service results recognition made outstanding contributions to Chinese children charities caring people from all walks of society, beginning in March 2011, China children and teenager's Fund society-oriented "China children charity moved 30 people" selection activities. Activity has been the strong support and active participation of the community. After the community recommendation, Accreditation Committee selection and social comment, 30-lists on November 23, 2011, organised by the China Women's Federation, the China children and teenager's Fund "dedicated to the loving children--' China children charity moved 30 characters ' Awards" announced on.



(If you visit the link - Jackie is on page 4)


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