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Jackie in Wuhan

On 12.11.11 Jackie along with JC Girls, Lucky 7, Steve Yoo Seung Jun, Chang Shi Lei and other artists held a "Walking with Love" charity concert and auction in Wuhan City, Hubei Province China. Guests were treated to a wonderful dinner and amongst the prizes for the evening were VIP tickets to an upcoming Emil Chau concert. The event was sponsored by Wuhan Dragon Wine Company and the aims were to promote love, humanity, dedication, the construction of primary schools, to raise money for mountain schools, and to show love in the end! As usual many of Jackie's personal items were auctioned.

"Most red" Jackie Chan to Chinese artists to participate in the auction will love

It is understood that, since 1988, set up their own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation has been named, Jackie Chan has been the charity in the end. Whether it is the fight against SARS charity, the donation for the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia, or the first time in the earthquake donations of millions, almost always related to charitable activities are inseparable from Jackie's presence. Jackie Chan as the mainstay of Chinese film, has reached numerous career artists look up to the peak, 57 years old, he is still unabated vigor, frequently appeared in major public events, going to charity as their lifelong career. When Jackie Chan was in response to a reporter about the need to take a grateful heart to contribute to the community. He can have success today is inseparable from the audience of his friends support and love, which he was very grateful at the same time, he will do their utmost to help those in need of help. Some use "most red" artists to describe him, not without reason.

Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Dragon Wine Co., Ltd. from June 12 invited Jackie Chan to Chinese as the auction will support people, held in the Hongshan Hotel Jackie Long Family "will sing and love fellow" charity dinner. By then, Jackie Long family members will bring new Seven Little Fortunes, JRY combination, Korean singer Han Seung Jun, etc. to help out with Taiwan. It is reported that both the size or grade, this auction are the highest grade in recent years in central China, the largest funds raised will be used for our charity.

In addition, most high-end wine, white wine Yellow Crane Tower - "heaven Square 1898" as the first heavy debut auction, the auction will raise all the money into our charity.






Jackie Chan to Chinese charity auction led by Emil Chau, Rene Liu will sound, followed by

It is reported that Jackie Chan will visit November 12, Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Dragon Hongshan Hotel Wine held in Long Family, "will sing and love fellow" charity dinner. The activities to a charity auction for the theme to promote love, humanity, dedication, construction of primary schools to raise money for the mountain, the love in the end!

The Yellow Crane Tower love wine auction in recent years, central China's largest and highest grade of charitable activities, popular concerns of the community. Jackie will also continue to lead the "New Seven Little Fortunes", JRY combination, Seung Jun (Korea) and other family members, the body first force behavior of a charity to give his love. In addition, most high-end wine, white wine Yellow Crane Tower - "heaven Square 1898" as the first heavy debut auction, the auction will raise all the money into our charity.

In addition to charity dinner, the November 18, from the Yellow Crane Tower wine superstar concert will be held at Wuhan Sports Center passion Zhuankou concert. By then, Emil Chau, Rene Liu, Tarcy, William, Guo and other famous singers will gather the same stage in Wuhan, Wuhan, led through the enthusiastic fans of friends one night.


成龙来汉领衔慈善拍卖 周华健、刘若英紧随其后 即将发声




Jackie received this gift from a fan. It is a box containing 1000 cranes and stars folded from waste scraps of paper.

News photos from the event:

Tencent entertainment news on November 13, 2011, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, on 12th, rates of Jackie Chan disciples "seven blessed the new small", the new combination "JCgirls", and Yoo Seung Jun (microblogging) Dragon family team appearance of the whole River City Wuhan Hongshan hotel, such as, "walking with love" sings, Wuhan Tianlong yellow crane Tower wine company limited charitable auction and reception help

腾讯娱乐讯 2011年11月13日,湖北省武汉市,12日,成龙率徒弟“新小七福”、新晋组合“JCgirls”、刘承俊(微博)等龙家族全体班子亮相江城武汉洪山宾馆,举行“与爱同行”欢唱会,为武汉天龙黄鹤楼酒业有限公司慈善拍卖、慈善酒会助阵


Other photos from Weibo and QQ (Source on photo)




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