Sunday, November 13, 2011

More News and Photos From Wuhan Charity

Jackie and Wei Yunxi sang "Min Sheng" (Livelihood)

Guo Yan's Olympic torch (Table Tennis)

The Wuhan Dragon Prince Xuan Kang Co.Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing

November 12, Jackie Chan led his disciple "New Seven Little Fortunes" and upcoming female idol group "JRY", Steve Woo Seung Jun and other members of the Dragon Family of Artists appeared at River City, Dragon family and peers will sing love, love for the in the end.

The event was organized by the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Dragon Wine Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hai Bona Culture Media Co.Ltd., Zhongshan Chiba Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing and was co-hosted by Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. The purpose is to promote the activities of "love, humanity and dedication", and to raise money for the mountain school. At 3:30 pm, Dragon Family and "Walking with Love" Charity Concert and Auction officially kicked off in the Hongshan Hotel. This high-profile reception of love and brilliant, high-quality art show, attracted leaders at all levels. First on the stage was the "New Seven Little Fortunes" and upcoming female idol group "JRY". Jackie caused a sensation in the audience.

Having just starred in the film "1911" Big Brother said, with emotion, that the city of Wuhan (home of the Xinhai Uprising) is not only a monument to the Chinese revolution, but also a caring city, Wuhan, old and new friends, he hoped to pass on the love, the love that the great Sun Yat-sen advocated and that the spirit of brotherhood be handed down from generation to generation, and move the world with great love. The activities of all artists and Big Brother came to an end with the chorus "True Hero". The activity helped raise a total of more than 7 million yuan.

新浪娱乐讯 11月12日,成龙亲率徒弟“新七小福”及新晋女子偶像组合“JRY”、刘承俊等龙家族全体班子亮相江城,举行龙家族与爱同行欢唱会,将爱心进行到底。






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