Saturday, August 3, 2013

Warning to FB Users - Jackie Chan News Scam

According to this article spammers have taken the HOAX news that Jackie is dead and used it to promote their spam scam. I am not going to repeat the whole article but please READ IT as it contains some important information for FB users if you see an alert like the one pictured below in your timeline:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your informations !!!
Why there are soo much stupid people who makes the fans scare with such a terrible hoax news always...???? :(

Amelie said...

I also thank for the important information. I do know why people do such stupid things. Also a fake "official" FB profile appeared lately and the fans were confused.

Anu Singh said...

Oh this is absolutely wrong, why many people make fake fb page by the name of Jackie Chan official? Myself operating a fb page for Jackie, but I'm not using his name as official Jackie page, I just use Jackie fan club,
Now I understand how can will spread this kind of fake news around the web, and upsetting the real fans. (Sorry about my English it's not good enough)
Thanks admin you are doing great job for Jackie fans like us.

Anu Singh said...

Can I share this information in my Jackie Chan fan page? (With you permission)

SuperChanBlog said...

Use the information in the link I have given as that has all the important information. Remember to acknowledge the source page :)

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