Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interview on The Morning Show

Jackie on The Morning Show in Canada while he was there for the Century of Chinese Film at TIFF


Anonymous said...

Jackie love you so too very much for making movies and wish u to make more so we can watch more.....i love to watch all your movies!
You're always in my heart!!!!!!! Jackie will not play in this movie VERY MUCH SOO MISSING.... Jackie chan- always in my heart you fan of your movie and show is awesomeness dude.

Amelie said...

Thanks a lot for the great interview i will download it.

Anonymous said...

Every words He says is true comes from His heart !!!! I understand Him and I know He loves His son very much !!!! Wish He has always super energie and never stop to make super movies...I love Jackie Chan Style I LOVE to be the part of His life !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SUPER JC !!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 !!!

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