Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Treasure Map"

Jackie and Zhang Yimou are co-producing a film adaptation of 2012 Nobel Laureate for Literature Mo Yan's book "Treasure Map"

His first book to be adapted for the screen was "Red Sorghum" (Zhang Yimou).

A location has been found for the treasure in the caves of Yan Zi Dong. The film will utilize heavy visual effects, including 3-D, to capture what the Nobel committee called Mo's "hallucinatory realism." An exciting cliff-face fight/action scene has been planned for the finale.

Filming will take place in Chongqing.



Amelie said...

Great news but the fans would like to know if Jackie will also play in the movie. It would be fantastic.

SuperChanBlog said...

If there had been any mention of that possibility in the news I would have said so.

Anonymous said...

Jackie! Best wishes in the it would like of the dragon too!!
Love so too very much.....GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

wow great news, but jackie will play a role in this movie or not???

Amelie said...

Thanks for the answer dear SuperChanBlog,I guessed you will write about Jackie´s appearance in this movie if he played but I just asked. Pity that he will not play there.

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