Monday, August 12, 2013

Police Story 2013 Update

According to Ding Sheng (Director) post-production has moved on to dubbing / ADR. He also mentioned recently that the final length of the film is 108 minutes.



Anonymous said...

damn every single news of this movie is teasing me like anything..

Anonymous said...

jackie still look so young...this is police story 6 which is recent.. ill wait for Armour of god 4

Anonymous said...

I hope Jackie gets back to some of his serious and tense butt kicking like in the first two Police Story movies in this. Chinese Zodiac's big fight scene was fantastic even though the rest of the movie was pretty lackluster. With a tight script, some good dramatic moments and some good action scenes would put Jackie back on top.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jackie isnt too old but
his entire life was about making stunts.If too many injuries piles up it can lead to bad things or can make one more frequently rusted than usually.

Because of that he better not overdo it.After all his health is more important and he already demonstrated how good he is.

Anonymous said...

any news on a trailer?

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