Saturday, January 2, 2016

Zodiac Statues Defaced

Jackie's donation of a set of replica Zodiac heads generated some negative responses ahead of the Taiwan presidential election which resulted in a protest action defacing them with slogans and red paint. The two statues that were target were the dragon and horse head.
The motivation behind this action was political. The slogan painted on the statues was 'cultural united front' which is used by the anti-China movement in Taiwan. In recent years China has been practicing 'soft diplomacy' with Taiwan by strengthening cultural ties.

The museum has condemned the vandalism and swung into action to clean the statues. The museum has also increased security to prevent a further incident.


Dagmar Crmanova said...

Ah, it is always sad when an object of art is damaged or defaced! I just hope the two very precious sculptures will be repaired and nothing like that happened again!

Annet said...

So aweful they did this to these beautiful sculptures. I hope nothing was really damaged.

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