Friday, January 22, 2016

The Foreigner: Updates

An assortment of information gathered over the last few days about "The Foreigner".

Executive Producer Scott Lumpkin traveled to Shanghai with Jackie to location scout for "The Foreigner".

Production Designer Alex Cameron has begun working on Director, Martin Campbell’s, THE FOREIGNER. Starring Jackie Chan, the story centres on a restaurant owner in London’s Chinatown who is tracking down terrorists responsible for the death of his daughter.


This is the stage we’re at on our latest film project, The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan, which has recently moved into production, shooting around London locations. There have been a lot of loud bangs reverberating around our backlot recently - all in preparation for some pretty impressive pyro effects we're providing for the film. I don’t know what this guy’s role was in it all, but I can’t help but assume that he met a rather nasty end…


CAOLAN BYRNE is currently shooting feature film The Foreigner, directed by Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale). Caolan plays an IRA member in the film which stars Jackie Chan.


Emma Jerrold shoots for upcoming feature film The Foreigner.

Martin Campbell directs this action film starring Jackie Chan based on the Stephen Leather novel The Chinaman.

The Foreigner is set for release next year.


Jackie was filming this scene when he took a break from filming and dropped into a nearby pub:

Kung Fu king Jackie Chan put down his nunchucks and last week tried his hand at darts in a Walworth pub, writes Sean Morrison…

The martial arts mega star popped into The Good Intent in East Street as he was filming near the pub.

Vince McDonald, the pub landlady’s husband, was shocked when the martial arts film star walked into the pub and waved him over for a match.

Vince was impressed with the globally known film star’s throwing arm, but was convinced he would have beaten him in a competitive match.

He said: “He could throw a treble twenty, I’ll put it that way, but I think I could have beaten him. “I just didn’t want him to chop me, so I went a little bit easy on him.”

The 45-year-old gave the globally known film star his personal Tottenham Hotspur set of darts, along with an orange juice, before he was called over for a round in The Good Intent.

Chan reportedly said he would love to come back, and complemented the owner on the pub. Nobody seemed star-struck and it felt like business as usual, according to pub landlady, Wendy McDonald, 42, when the martial arts mega star arrived about 10:30am last Thursday.

“No one caused a fuss, which is one reason why he probably felt so comfortable being in here,” she said. “It was a huge shock though, of course, and everyone hasn’t stopped talking about it since.”

Filming for The Foreigner, which stars Chan and Pierce Brosnan, was taking place in East Street, near the pub – where the Hong Kong actor and stuntman was spotted in an imported telephone box.


This set is under-construction in an undisclosed part of London:


Annet said...

Looks really great and it must have been quite odd to see Jackie Chan walking into your pub :-)

Lily Wong said...

Scott Lumpkin is an Executive Producer, not a cameraman. Thanks for theupdate.

Annet said...

Nice that Jackie Chan helps the cameraman with his search

Dagmar Crmanova said...

According all information - the very good director, great producer and of course Jackie and Pierce as fantastic actors in main roles makes this film unique and I cannot wait to see it. I believe this time the film comes to European cinemas - maybe to some cities also with Jackie.

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