Monday, January 4, 2016

Jackie Chan: The Best of 2015


Jackie sends a message to fans at the release of the MV for Dragonblade.

Jackie and Willie Chan at the wedding of Yuen Biao's daughter.

Jackie's toe socks made a guest appearance.


Jackie gives a quick interview at the airport after receiving the Panglima Mahkota Wilayah award in Malaysia.

Jackie signs his own design T-shirts at a promotional event for Dragon Blade.

Jackie plays piano during the "Hidden Energy" talent show.


Jackie launches his book.

Jackie watches a video for the Shanghai Baby House.

Jackie records a documentary with Tim Cahill.


Jackie promotes the Legacy 500 at ABACE in Shanghai.

Jackie takes a selfie with a fan's camera at AIFFA in Kuching.

Jackie smiles during the Far East Film Festival in Udine.


Jackie sings with Jonathan Lee
and Emil Chau at "Love From The Stars" Singapore.

Jackie promotes an anti-drug program in Singapore.

Jackie laughs during the opening of the Jackie Chan Movie and Media College.


Jackie receives an award for his special contribution to Chinese Film.

Jackie records 2 new songs.

Photoshoot for Bazaar Men's Magazine.


Jackie donates songto Changting County.

Jackie delivers aid in Tibet.

Fans donate to Jackie for Tianjin explosion victims.


Jackie snaps pics at the 70th Anniversary Parade.

Jackie attends the Shanghai Design Week.

Jackie attends the Silk Road Film Festival.


Jackie meets Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and President Xi Jinping.
Jackie poses in front of the Burj Khalifa.
Jackie signs on for "The Foreigner".


Filming for "Railroad Tigers" continues in sub-zero temperatures.

Jackie presents Lee Li-hua with Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jackie sponsors David Cheng racing.


Police Story celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Jackie arrives in Linyi for the last ten days of "Railroad Tigers".

Jackie donates a set of his reproductions of the 12 Zodiac heads.


Dagmar Crmanova said...

Thanks a lot for this great "Jackie´s diary" and we must say it was a very successful year. I wish another great year to Jackie and also to his fans. All photos are wonderful but I was please most seeing Jackie and Willie together.

Annet said...

Wow so many wonderful foto's and it was a busy, wonderful and successful year. I don't think this was even everything. I hope Jackie Chan and everyone will have another wonderful and joyful year with good and happy things only.

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