Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Skiptrace: Release Date Delayed

The release date for Skiptrace has been pushed back to 2016. The film was due to be released on 24 December 2015 and now has an unspecified release date of 2016. No details or reasons have been given as to why.



Annet said...

That isn´t good news. Would have been a great film for the hollidays. Hope a new date will be released soon. Looking forward of watching it. Dragon Blade will (finally) be released on 16th December here.

Unknown said...

Sad news for the Chinese fans and when in China the date is delayed then I guess the same happens also in Europe. In some countries the premieres were plannes in spring.

SuperChanBlog said...

There has been very little promotion for this film. Just a small teaser, a short making of feature and some stills and posters aren't enough. There should be a couple more trailers and some press junkets and talk show interviews for the film at least. Anyway according to vk.com the released has been delayed to February 20,2016.

Link removed, please do not post links as per instructions!

There is no official release date, when there is I will post it. That date is when the film was supposed to be released in Europe. It is not the new release date.

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