Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dragon Footprints Wins Best Documentary Award

A new documentary on Jackie Chan, titled “Dragon Footprints”, has won the Best Documentary Award for charity mission at the 7th International Chinese Film Festival (ICFF) in Sydney.

The documentary focuses on Chan’s life story, and his dreams and passions in overcoming challenges on the road to success.

“Life is just like a movie! This is reflected in different aspects of life. To me, the most touching movie is sincere and heartfelt,” Chan told the audience in a video message.

While Chan is busy with his career, he still finds time to give back to society – the “Build a School for a Dollar” project is only one of his charity missions.

Chan always manages to stay positive, diligent, charitable, and grateful. He says his greatest feat is always making an effort to deliver maximum positive energy to the world.

Chan's hope for his documentary is to share the joy of charity. With a little courage, optimism, and kindness - everyone can follow in the path of the "Dragon Footprints."


Annet said...

Soooo wonderful he does these things, help soooo many people, give them hope, a future and so much more. I hope Jackie Chan and his charity foundation will go on for a long, long time. Of course the dream is that his foundation won't be needed anymore but I am afraid it will take long time before that will happen. I am just glad I can make donations to help Jackie Chan help others. I do hope that Jackie Chan will get a bigger name as a philanthropist worldwide in stead of 'just' an actor (who still can fight very well by the way).

Felixxx said...

You've got to love Jackie......... he looks so very happy when he is doing any charity work or disaster aid. His energy seems to leap out and energise everyone around him. I feel that anyway.....

Nurul Amrina said...

sorry, what the title of the song in the video documentary,.
belive in your self and then..??

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