Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pierce Brosnan Cast In "The Foreigner"


Two of the world’s most famous action heroes are joining forces, as Pierce Brosnan is set to star opposite Jackie Chan in an untitled action thriller that Martin Campbell will direct for STX Entertainment and SR Media Corporation, TheWrap has learned.

Chan stars as a humble restaurant owner in London’s Chinatown. When the justice system fails him, he is forced to push his moral and physical boundaries to track down the group of rogue Irish terrorists responsible for the death of his beloved daughter.

Brosnan will play Liam Hennessy, a former IRA member-turned-government official.


Annet said...

Great that Pierce Brosnan will have a part in the film as well but Liam Hennessy (in the book) was and remained a high placed IRA man. the rest would be a spoiler :-). looking forward to see the film.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

As James Bond Pierce Brosnan was great and he is still always a gentleman in his movies so am glad that he will play in the movie. Jackie makes one amazing movie after another!

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