Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jackie Chan Presents: The Adventures of La & Zy

Jackie is making a new cartoon series!!

Jackie Chan is returning to animation with a CGI animated comedy series titled Jackie Chan Presents: The Adventures of La & Zy.

The series is being developed as a 104 x 11 min. series for ages 6-12. It will follow Chan as a teenager, offering audiences a glimpse into his early training in martial arts and his eventual journey to stardom. The only things that stand in the way of Jackie realizing his dream are his toy Panda bears La and Zy, who come alive in Jackie’s presence and create big problems for the aspiring martial artist.

The Adventures of La & Zy is written by Randy Rogel (The 7D, Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain).

Charlie Coker and Esmond Ren will co-executive produce the series along with Jackie Chan, Bruce Stein and Steve Waterman.



Annet said...

Sounds like a very funny show. Looking forward to it

Dagmar Crmanova said...

I am so very happy that Jackie rerutned to animated movies for kids! I will watch them even if being adult. I loved so much JC Adventures, I have all parts recorded.

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