Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day Day Up Full Episode

Day Day Up 06/26/2015 Highlight: Jackie Chan shows his adorable personality and he laughs at Ou Di's performance. Also he is focused on anti-drug publicity activities to raise public awareness.

Day Day UP is a hilarious, over-the-top talk and variety show produced by Hunan TV featuring VIPs, celebrities as well as common people. Etiquette and moral are the theme of the show, which features singing and dancing, interviews and humorous skits. The shows' host are Wang Han, Ou Di (O Han Sheng), Tian Yuan, Qian Feng, Yu Hao Ming, Shi Ye Hao Er, Xiao Wu (Jin En Sheng). Day Day UP is one of the highest rated shows from China and Hunan TV and has received numerous awards including the Best Entertainment TV Show Award in China in 2008.

Episode is over an hour long and in HD.


S.LUCKY LUCK.S said...

Day Day Up is good show and finally there is Jackie in it. Thanks.

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