Monday, June 15, 2015

Jackie Chan Action Movie Week

Jackie Chan Action Movie Week (14 - 18 June) opened yesterday with a discussion forum. In attendence were Jackie, Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks), Rob Cohen (Fast and Furious) and Wu Jing (martial artist, actor and director).

Jackie spoke at length about the necessity of acknowledging the hard work that goes into making an action with many unsung heroes behind the scenes. Jackie pointed out that "We all feel that action movies create a hero, but in fact behind every scene are countless unsung heroes, with broken hands, broken legs even dying, so I want to give them a stage".

Jackie also said that at the moment China cannot compete with Hollywood special effects, only in making real action movies can China compete. He also said that anyone can make a special effects movie, that the actor is easily replaced, but with real action the stunt-performer is not easily replaced.

The Jackie Chan Action Movie Week will be awarding "Man Of Steel" awards in the following categories:

- Best Stunt Film

- Best Stunt Director

- Best Stunt Coordinator

- Best Specialty Stunt

- Best Fight

- Best Actor

- Best Actress

- New Talent


Dagmar Crmanova said...

Great photos, great news. So I understand Jackie will stay the whole time in Shanghai Festival - June 14.-18. Great for fans living in that city.

Annet said...

Really great the people who work are behind the camera and without whom the film can't be made aren't forgotten. special effects can look awesome but you can see when they have used it, I think films with special effects should have a category of their own. I'm a big fan of Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit but especially the last 2 films of the hobbit are almost only special effects, there aren't many scenes without it. I really love (though a bit worried when you see an action scene) the films without special effects as Jackie Chan makes. Like police story 2013 the fight scene in the cage, it was real and the actor was really hurt as you can see in the making off. It makes the film much more real and really appreciate it a lot more.

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