Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wake Winter Released

At a ceremony today in Beijing, Jackie, other artists and members of the Olympic Committee gathered to announce the finalists in the bid for the official song for the Winter Olympics in 2022. On Weibo Jackie said that he particularly liked the lyrics “世界是那么的不同,又那么的相同” / "the world is so different and yet so much the same" because it promoted universal brotherhood. He also hoped that the bid would be successful.

The finalists are:

"Wake Winter"

Sung by:  Jackie Chan
Lyrics: Wang Pingjiu
Composer: Zhao Jialin

"Snow Dance"

Sung by: Tan Jing & Sun Nan
Lyrics: Wang Pingjiu
Composer: Zhao Zhao


Sung by: Sun Nan
Lyrics: Wang Pingjiu
Composer: Leiyu


Sung by: Chang Shi Lei
lyrics: Wang Pingjiu
Composer: Mashang You

"Call of Love"

Sung by: Jike Juan Yi
Lyrics: A Zhou
Composer: Yu Yun Fei


Sung by: Lin Yang
lyrics: Lin Yang

"Snow Dream"

Sung by: Wang Li
Lyrics: Chendao Bin

"Never Say Die"

Sung by: Wang Chuang
Lyrics: Ma Ying & Wang Chuang
Composer: Zhao Bo & Wang Chuang


Sung by: Beijing Leisure Primary School choir
Lyrics: Guo Feng

"Go to the Great Wall to Ski"

Sung by: Fanzhu Qing; Fan Tong Zhou; Kai Chou & Bi Sheng Zhu Jiang
Lyrics: Chendao Bin
Composer: Kai Chou

You can get the lyrics for Wake Winter HERE


S.LUCKY LUCK.S said...

Uh uh, good, hope that there will someone take his time and will to translate this song better than google translation can do...THANKS ONCE AGAIN!

Annet said...

Great song, hope Jackie Chan wins :-) Don't know any of the others so I don't know how his chances are but I'm sure he's not making it easy for them.


superb song master nice melody i like this song

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