Friday, May 8, 2015

Anti-drug Ambassador for Singapore

Jackie was appointed the first celebrity Anti-Drug Ambassador for Singapore while attending the launch of a mobile game called Aversion. The game was developed through a collaboration between the Preventive Education Unit , Central Narcotics Bureau and the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Interactive & Digital Media. Final year student from the university were the primary developers of the game and it was launched at a well-attended function at the university. Jackie is the Anti-Drug Ambassador in China as well. He has spoken about the three rules his father gave him - no triads, no gambling, no drugs - many times. It is hoped that the game will educate and increase awareness amongst Singapore youth about the dangers of drug use.

"The only choice is to stay away from drugs" - Jackie Chan

On getting Chan to be Singapore’s first celebrity anti-drug ambassador, Mr Masagos said: “Despite his very busy work schedule, Jackie devotes a tremendous amount of time and effort to philanthropic causes. When I first met him and asked him to lend his support to Singapore’s anti-drug efforts, he agreed without any hesitation.”

Chan said that when he was approached by the Singapore Government to be its anti-drug ambassador, his response was: “When?”

He said: “I have a lot of affinity with Singapore. I like a systematic way of doing things and I like how Singapore is very organised and follows the law strictly. “I am usually very, very busy, but I flew here just for this. I love Singapore and I am happy to be given the chance to serve the people here.” -

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Annet said...

Really great Jackie Chan uses his personal experience to warn and help others. Apparently Singapore has the lowest rate of drug abuse but the way press is at it the message will reach so many more people. It something that can't be said often enough. Trust me when I say that the drugs isn't lying on the street here in Holland and it isn't all free and without consequences. You really can get a jail sentence for selling drugs and such.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

I am also happy reading about another Jackie´s great anti-drug event. All the photos I saved they are really superb!

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