Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kungfu Yoga News

Today Kungfu Yoga was announced as one of three China-India Co-Productions at a press conference in Beijing. Kungfu Yoga is written and directed by Stanley Tong and produced by, and starring Jackie Chan. Jackie announced that Kungfu Yoga can be thought of as 'Myth 2' while Stanley Tong added the details that the film will start a thousand years ago in India and China and will carry on with the two adventurers searching for ancient treasure. Filming is expected to start in August and will go to India, China, Iceland and Dubai for location shooting. The movie is 'an action-adventure comedy'.

Aamir Kahn was also at the press conference.
Jackie said they would meet and discuss possible future
co-operative ventures.  Aamir was in Beijing for the release of PK.



Annet said...

Jackie Chan looks great there. I love the storyline. Another great film to look forward to. Jackie Chan is really busy and doing the things he loves most, charity, singing and movies. He must really enjoying himself, hope he has some time to get some rest as well, he really has so much energy. :-)

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Stanley Tong is a great director and together with Jackie in a comedy we can await just a success!

Soumyadip Dutta said...

is Aamir Khan in the movie titled 'Kung Fu Yoga' with Jackie Chan ? Any official confirmation yet?

SuperChanBlog said...

@Soumyadip Dutta - no no official confirmation. Aamir Kahn was at the press conference, but none of the news I read said anything about him being in the movie.

SuperChanBlog said...

At the press conference / premier for PK Aamir Kahn was asked if he was in Kungfu Yoga and he said that he was a huge fan of Jackie and that IF he could participate in the project he would be very happy.

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