Saturday, April 11, 2015

Update on Viy 2 - Journey to China

Despite announcing previously that Jackie was taking part in the film, apparently his role is still being negotiated.

One of the main roles is expected to be played by well known actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan. His company, Jackie Chan JCE is actively cooperating with the Russian crew, said Liu Xuan. Filming in China, for "Viy 2: Journey to China" will presumably begin in the next two months. The budget is $35 million, and the film will be released in 2016, said one of the film's producers Liu Xuan. "We are at the stage of pre-production in China, are now dealing with organizational issues associated with obtaining permits," - said Liu Xuan. Specific locations have yet not been determined, but it is known that the shooting will take place in the south of China and take about 60 days.

After filming in Moscow, the group will travel to Morocco. The film "Viy 2" is based on legends that intertwine in an unusual way - the Slavic god Viy, the Chinese dragon, the emergence of tea on iron mask and the journey of Peter I in Europe. One of the main roles, is expected to be performed by the famous actor, martial artist Jackie Chan. His company, Jackie Chan JCE is actively cooperating with the Russian crew, said Liu Xuan. "The issue of his personal involvement is still under negotiation, we hope that it will soon be able to sign a contract," - he said. In the film, Jackie Chan will appear in a traditional role - the master of kung fu. According to the scenario he will meet with Peter I, get out of the castle and join the fight with the guards.

The female lead in the film is played by the actress Yao Sintun, who played in the film "Chinese Zodiac" The movie is a joint project of cooperation between China and Russia. Prior to this interaction in the field of cinematography was fragmentary. It is the first full-fledged Russian-Chinese feature film. I hope that it will open a new page of cooperation in the field of cinema between the two countries," said Liu Xuan. The production of films involving two Chinese film companies - China Film Group Corporation and Jackie Chan JCE. Filming will continue until March 2016.



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Hopefully they can come to an agreement. It sounds great.

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