Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jackie Chan Stunt Park

Video advertising the Jackie Chan Stunt Park - looks amazing! According to the video the first phase is complete.

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Annet said...

wow that looks really impressive. Even more when finished. With this Chinese filmmaking will be even more impressive than it already is. Didn't know JC stuntteam were is so many american films like hellboy. They have a very impressive CV

SuperChanBlog said...

If you look in the credits for any of the names of Jackie Chan Stunt Team they are found in a lot of movies. Brad Allen, He Jun, Andy Cheng or Wu Gang have all worked on numerous movies. (just to name a few)

Robyn Volz said...

Wow! It's really incredible! However there was a small error, I believe the JC Stunt Team was founded in 1974, not 1947. Jackie was born in 1954, he would not have been born yet! Still it looks like something I'd want to see. Thank you!

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