Friday, April 17, 2015

Jackie Wins At 19th China Music Awards

Jackie won the "China Music Lifetime Achievement Award" and "Best Film Song" Award at the 19th China Music Awards. The awards ceremony was held at The Venetian hotel in Macau.


Annet said...

Finally his lifetime achievement award. I believe he joked about it at the festival in India. It's a wonderful song and well deserved. I hope Jackie Chan and Dragon Blade will win many more prizes :-) Jackie Chan is looking great too.

Annet said...

Jackie Chan really sang Desert Hero from the heart. It's such a beautiful song. Tell the wind ... is such a briliant song as well but only one song can win the prize just glad it was Jacie Chan who won it.

Viczian Christy said...

Great and cute !!! Thanks for the nice sharings !!! :D Congratulations Jackie Chan <3 :)

Dagmar Crmanova said...

All I can say is just" "My deep congrtulations"!

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