Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Big Kid and a Bunch of Small Kids

Amongst the cast on Dragon Blade were a large number of children. "Working with children is difficult," noted Jackie. Jackie gained their trust and co-operation on set by playing games with them, teaching juggling, doing tricks and preparing special meals for them. In one scene the children have to escape from a second story window by sliding down a cloth chute. One child came down too fast and slid hard into Jackie's chest. Jackie caught the child, saying that the safety of the children was his responsibility.


Viczian Christy said...


Dagmar Crmanova said...

Yes, Jackie often said in his diaries that to work with kids is not easy but he still loved them and made anything just they feel comfortable on the set. Some of the kids on these photos do not look like Chinese so I am even more curious what the scenes say. I cannot wait to see the movie.

Annet said...

Really great foto's, so sweet. So much easier to let children do something when they like your, I'm sure it wasn't too difficult for Jackie Chan. Thank you for posting.

Annet said...

And Jackie Chan can sure be a big kid sometimes when you see how much fun he has or the pranks he pulls. Ever seen that the outtake on Police Story 2013 on the tracks? real cheecky :-)

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