Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jackie Models New JC Design Clothes

Jackie has released a new range of clothing which you can buy from Jackie Chan Design (WEBSITE)



Viczian Christy said...

Very sexy good looking elegant and super great !!!!

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Wonderful pictures! I saved them all and it is a great idea to display in the JC store Jackie´s photos as a model with the new products. According to the doggies Jackie was in Hong Kong but 3 doggies? As we know he has 2 of them, maybe he bought another one?

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Ah, when I see closer even 4 dogs!

danny said...

evergreen jc

Annet said...

Great foto's, he's his own (wonderful) model for his great clothes. Good to see he still has some time to play with his dogs

Annet said...

Great foto's. Jackie Chan is a brilliant model for his clothing. Great to see he also has some time to be with his dogs. :-D

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