Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost and Found CZ12

Jackie filmed scenes from CZ12 in this elaborate recreation of the library at Chateau de Chantilly but it appears he accidentally left behind the 12 Zodiac Heads. Can you help him find them?

Right Click and save to see full size!


Here is the LINK to the solution. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Blogger i wanna ask that will CZ 12 be a big release like rush hour and shangai movies or will it only be a small movie like 1911 and little big solder which did not hit cinemas in usa

Anonymous said...

That would be up to the distributors to buy the film. So far release dates have been given for China, Russia, Singapore, and Malaysia (all in December 2012). It will also be released on IMAX in China. The fact that Jackie is promoting the film in Cannes, Comic-Con, TIFF etc would indicate they are looking for an international release. We just have to wait to see what dates are announced.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I had them all, but one more - under the clock
thanks again

Anonymous said...

IMDB works much like Wikipedia in that it relies on the public to update it. I have found many inaccuracies on IMDB as a result. Although it is a useful resource it is by no means definitive. The movie has been promoted by Jackie at Cannes, Comic-con and TIFF - hardly "no buzz" but until it has a distributer in the US or UK to push the kind of promotions you see as 'buzz' it will seem low key. It is far from low key in China where Huayi Brothers are actively promoting it.

carolthescot said...

Couldn't get a big clear photo of this one so only got a few

Anonymous said...

Right Click and Save! Image is 800px wide.

sue said...

Come on U.S. We want to see the movie. In the theaters in Dec.

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