Monday, September 3, 2012

Jackie's Big Heart

17 years ago Wang TuanLi found a baby boy discarded in the rubbish in a marketplace. He took the baby home and named him Bo. Soon they discovered that Baby Bo had a congenital heart condition in which his heart is on the right hand side of his chest and only has one valve. Doctors told them that he wouldn't live past 18 years. Now at 17 Bo made a request - the one thing he wanted was to meet Jackie Chan. After saving just enough money to get to Beijing Bo's father made a plea to the press to please help him meet Jackie before their money ran out and they had to return home. Yesterday his dream came true.

Jackie was in Xi'an to celebrate (belatedly) the opening of the Jackie Chan Cinema in Xi'an and to sing in a concert. And in the 40 minutes between events Bo got to meet Jackie.

Jackie's comment on Weibo about meeting Bo:

Ten years ago, I was shooting The Myth and Xi'an wedded. Ten years later, once again came to Xi'an, although for Sparkle Roll Jackie Chan Studios and concert, but the most important thing is that I met Bo, a child suffering from serious heart disease. The moment he saw me, he was crying. I was very distressed but I forced back tears and pretend as if nothing had happened. My hope is that he can be strong and survive, maybe I can only do a little for him, but I'm sure I will try to.

On Seeing Jackie Bo bursts into tears

  5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Jackie Chan was busy working on a publicity campaign and had just returned to the hotel. He did not have time to rest because immediately to the reporter, Wang Bo and his father went upstairs to meet with him.

  Entering the VIP lounge, Jackie Chan came up, Bo suddenly burst into tears. Jackie Chan quickly grabbed him to say, "Man has to be strong, do not cry." Jackie held Bo's hand and asked what he wanted. "Your signature ..." Bo said with a small voice. Jackie Chan immediately grabbed a pen to write a signature on the first page "Dear Bo, I love you. Jackie Chan September 2, 2012 in Xi'an."

  "This is our Terracotta Warriors for you." Bo had prepared his own gift for Jackie. Jackie said quickly: "How can you give me a gift, thank you." Jackie had prepared his own bag of gifts and handed it to Bo personally. Jackie asked "How is your body? Is it a little better?" Bo's father Wang Tuan Li said: "The child's body has been weak, but recently learned, as you can see, that the state is pretty good."

Jackie Chan: Big Brother would like to take you to learn martial arts

  Then Wang Tuan Li filled Jackie in on details of Bo's life experience, his experience of illness, as well as 17 years of seeking treatment.

  17 years ago Wang Tuan Li had a small business stall in Lintong, and picked up a two-month-old baby boy, only to discover later, that the child has a congenital heart disease. His heart is on the right, and only has one ventricle. The doctor told them that the child will only live up to 18 years. The kind Wang Tuan Li named the child Bo, and he brought him up. Newspaper dated August 19, "the 17-year-old terminally ill boy wanted to see Jackie Chan doctor said he could only live to be 18 years old, were reported. Jackie Chan's assistant saw the report and took the initiative to contact the reporter, only this time to meet.

  Jackie Chan asked with special concern: "Bo has not been to school?" Bo shook his head, said: "The doctor said my body is not good, you can not go to school. I have learned to read at home." Jackie Chan touching Bo's head, said: "I hope you can enhance physical exercise, if it is possible I would like to take you to learn martial arts. We can surely help you be very strong through physical training." Bo was very excited to hear this and nodded.

 Bo: I have seen every movie of yours

  Subsequently, Bo told Jackie that he had seen every Jackie Chan movie and heard every song Jackie Chan sang. Jackie Chan immediately sand the chorus from the "A Hero Never Dies" and Bo stared at Jackie Chan, softly singing along and laughing. Wang Tuan Li had never seen his son so happy. Sitting beside him, with excitement rubbing the tears of his eyes, then quickly followed them singing along, "Let the words of sincere and happy tears in my heart flow ...... "

  40-minute conversation, Jackie Chan told Bo about how to make a movie and details about busy shooting the movie. Jackie said: "I hope you can be strong and brave, good physical care, then the big brother to pick you up to go to the studio to see my film is good?" Bo hard nodded.

 Father: and finally to the children realize their dreams

  From Jackie Chan there, Bo face still wearing a rare smile. Reporter saw, not only is Bo, Bo's father said excitedly: "finally realize their dreams to the children, my family Bo certain today the happiest little fan! Jackie Chan is really good, so kind, but he is much-anticipated big star, to see us, really big brother next door, particularly concerned about the body of Bo, have been told to take medicine on time, with a doctor, exercise, and study hard to Bo, I really get too excited too grateful to see Jackie Chan today, Bo has been so excited did not sleep for a few days. "

  Suddenly, reporters have not had time to react, Bo deeply to reporters, bowing, said: "Thank you, I finally met Jackie, thanks to your help ..."

As the reporters and Wang Bo, were ready to leave the hotel, Jackie Chan's assistant called to say, Jackie Chan was unclear if Bo's physical condition can go and listen to the evening's concert but still want to give Bo and his father concert tickets. Bo seemed particularly excited to get the tickets: "I can hear Jackie sing" Wang Tuan Li said, to see their children so pleased, he wants to go to the concert, Subsequently,   Wang Tuan Li secretly told reporters said, "The doctor said that he won't live more than 18 years old. As long as he can be happy, I am willing to let him. listening to the concert should be no problem."

  Reporters press time last night, were informed that Bo and his father were very excited listening to Jackie Chan's concert. 



Anonymous said...

Jackie have really a BIG HEART! Srecko

Sorry I deleted your comment by mistake!

michelle chan said...

Jackie're really the person you most love and admire!
You're the person I admire since I was 8 years old, in fact this summer has done 11 years in which I keep all your adventures, both on film and in your personal life.
This story moved me Bo, you're really good person!
I wish everyone were that good as you!
I hope someday I can meet you in person, because that is my dream since I was just a little girl!
wo ai ni Cheng Long!
i love you 4ever!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely story - he may be a Super Star but Jackie has always remained a very caring person!

Thank you so much for posting this, wish I could 'share' it 'cos I think it's so worth it!

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous - I don't own the news so share away. Just don't forget to credit the source.

Roxanne H. said...

The beauty of seeing another human smile because we touched their life brings great joy no riches are greater no gold no silver shines as brite as the love in the heart one to another..This is a young man i will keep in my thoughts and prayers and Jackie i thankyou for 30 years of all the joy you have brought to my life ..Your music of sincerity strength has brought me through trying times and the disaster songs helped me to believe there were those helping when i could not a comfort of sorts..I have brought my own aid organization to many and it was you who planted the seed so long ago.Great is he who loves without condition .Jackie knows the joy the simplest of actions can bring when a sincere and open heart is ready anytime to envelope another .time ..its only time ..what will you say at the end of your life? wish you had more...take the time for the right in life and when that time comes youll look back and know are ready you did right..and your soul will be happy..

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