Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rare Inteview for Twin Dragons

A rare interview with Jackie for 'Twin Dragons'.


Anonymous said...

I have to see the film. Two Jackie Chans :)

Annet said...

really great interview. Have the film, don't know when I can watch it yet but after watching this video it won't be long. Seems like a really fun film :-D

Annet said...

Saw the film , was (unfortunately) the english version and there were no outtakes with the credits. Couldn't find any on the net either. It is a real fun film. The fighting in the test area must have been so much fun to film and it must have been difficult to pretend (as John Ma) he couldn't fight. As Boomer he was briliant while (pretending) conducting the orchestra. A very fun film and I don't know if there are any outtakes on the original Hong Kong film.
In the interview Jackie Chan stated that for he was Boomer for 90% and first he mentioned that as he was helping others. That is certainly true and Jackie Chan does that in abundance but the other character John Ma wasn't shy in helping others either. Maybe because he can't conduct and play the piano as well. Can't think of another reason because Jackie Chan is certainly not dumb.

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