Monday, August 29, 2011

New Chinese Trailer for 1911

A new and very dramatic trailer for 1911.


Anonymous said...

WindKun writes:
(edited email out)

you can email me a response in case you don't post here... I am getting worried that 1911 is NOT getting a national USA Release as they claimed back in Feb.... do you have any updates? I can't find ANY posters or trailers for the movie in the USA. I thought this would be HUGE for Jackie in the US....

My Reply:

I have no idea what is happening with the US promotion. There are a number of the movie bloggers who have been promoting it with the Japanese trailer and various posters. To be honest the Chinese promotions have been very slow as well. The stills etc I have been releasing have been taken from the '1911' Weibo account. Mtime have only just in the last few days put a collection of stills out.

I am assuming they will go hard and furious in September. I think a large factor in the promotions will also be how big the release is in the USA.

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