Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kwon Sang Woo talks a bit about Jackie and Chinese Zodiac

Kwon Sang Woo talks a bit about filming Chinese Zodiac with Jackie while promoting 'Pain'.

I have to recover soon in order to work on my movie with Jackie Chan, since that also is an action film. I haven’t used a stunt double thus far and I’m not planning to yet. Doesn’t it give me some merit as a casting partner (grin)?”

Q. “You seem very excited.”

“I grew up watching his movies. I’ve seen probably 30 of them. Being able to work with him is different from just working with another actor. It’s just so amazing to be with him, you really can’t describe it in words. We filmed for a bit in Paris and will be heading to Beijing for additional shooting next month. The production process is taking a bit long but it’s a very meaningful movie to me.”

Q. “What did Jackie Chan say?”

“While filming on scene, we had to switch up some of the moves. I caught on quickly and learned them on the spot, and Jackie Chan said that he was proud because I reminded him of his younger years. I felt great since it felt like he was praising me for being a good cast. This time, I want to impress him with my acting.”



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