Friday, June 24, 2016

Roc Chen Composer for Chinese Zodiac

Film Composer Roc Chen blends several unique elements into Orchestra and lead you into a Journey of JC team's route around the world.After the film is released in Asia, the switching bronze head montage song "Unstoppable" and "One Two Three Profite de ta Vie!" music quickly becomes one of the hottest music in China. Thousands of people are asking/searching/downloading these music. The montage song "Unstoppable" connects several scenes of JC team switching the bronze head(Rooster) and JC team sailing for South Pacific Island.
 Here're the words from Composer Roc Chen about this album:
"Last year October, with the cold wind howling, I drove my car to Asia's biggest film studio-China Film Group Hua Long Film Base.And after I walked thru several gigantic film studios, I finally entered a film studio with a large boiler inside.I saw a man wearing black jacket and white t-shirt, who were busy at taking care of everybody and everything, and this man is superstar Jackie Chan. He is shooting his 101st film "Chinese Zodiac" here.
 Later when we returned to the hotel room, Jackie and I started the conversation about film music. Needless to say all those creative,fantastic ideas we talked and shared, I noticed that there're some tiny red lines in Jackie's eyes-who would not be tired after a day with so many action moves? But Jackie still continued to tell me his ideas about the film with his full passion. Then I understood how important Chinese Zodiac is to Jackie. I felt great pressure, I also felt energetic and inspired-I guess one of the good things about Roc is that I can transform pressure to power.
 After several working holidays and sleepless nights,and several demo revisions,Jackie finally approved my motif “1 2 3 Profite de ta vie!”(French, meaning make the most of your life!). Later on, a song with dynamic groove and sweet melody was born.Finally, the song appeared when JC team switch the bronze head(rooster) and sail to the island in the film.It connects lots of cuts and scenes. It is what we call "Montage Song".
 July 21st, Rainstorm in Beijing. after driving through several puddles which are deep enough to drown a car, I came to the meeting place,where the crews and investors were watching the rough cut of the film. To my surprise that everyone in the room were curious and happy about the montage song and the motif “1 2 3 Profite de ta vie!”.Therefore, the scoring journey for Chinese Zodiac began.
 Though I've scored over 200 projects before, Chinese Zodiac is a very unique project. No matter when I was composing melodies,or orchestrating,or programming sound,or grouping instruments, I was always laughing out loud from my head to my foot. The film is so exciting and fun! Even now, I wonder: how can I complete the job at that time when my fingers had no strength to touch the piano keyboard? ?:-)
 In order to make the film even more splendid,I processed the motif “1 2 3 Profite de ta vie!” with digital audio workstations and made them fit into the scenes like Body Blading,Skydiving,Flying Parachute,etc.. When JC mistakenly entered the garden labyrinth, there's a high angle shot scene like video game Pac-Man. So I used some 8 Bit old electronic sounds for these scenes.Being a composer who has scored 100+ video games including some big titles like Heroes of Might and Magic series, I'm frequently asked about the relationship between film music and video game music. I guess the score of Chinese Zodiac could be a great example.
 December 12th,heavy snow,National Gymnasium, World Premiere of Chinese Zodiac. When Jackie called my name and appreciated my work on the stage, when the title of CZ12 appeared with “1 2 3 Profite de ta vie!” music and audience's applause, when my 8 Bit music sounded and audience laughed out loud, I suddenly understood that the contributions, sacrifices, endeavors, etc. of Jackie and I and all the film crew members are worthy."
 -----Roc Chen, music composer of Chinese Zodiac.



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