Monday, June 6, 2016

Jackie Chan Movie and Media College Graduation 2016

The Jackie Chan Movie and Media College had their first graduation ceremony yesterday. As president of the college Jackie was on hand to address the students. He said that because he didn't read books, and didn't finish school he can't lecture them but went on to share some experiences from his life. Jackie also promised to actively create opportunities for graduates of the college in the entertainment industry. He has already included students from the college in the making of "Railway Tigers".


Dagmar Crmanova said...

We see how fast the time runs! Just not long ago the school was built and now even the first graduation ceremony was held! Congratulations to all successful students! Thanks a lot for this really interesting news, I wish just good luck for the school to the future. I love the photos and the wonderful video. I like Jackie´s jacket and I am surely not the only one.

Annet said...

Great foto's and clip. Time really flies. So wonderful Jackie Chan could be there in person and it must have been special for the students to get their diploma from Jackie Chan himself. Jackie Chan looks as wonderful as always.

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