Thursday, November 13, 2014

Skiptrace Moves Location

Skiptrace is really bouncing around - they moved to a new location and of course there was a lot of excitement when Jackie arrived.



Annet said...

More great foto's of another great film in the making. It seems like they want to break the number of miles and locations of dragon blade. So busy and still find some time for the fans, really great. Nice to see he still drives himself. Thank you for posting.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Like Annet said I also love all the photos and I saved them all. Even if the filming is not easy as we see according to the pics Jackie still looks in a good mood and not as tired. Also the weather is nice there. Thanks for the pics.

danny said...

these pics are amazing my previous comments might not i dont miss any chance to showing my love towars jc and showing to all his fans.. appreciate ur work superchan.. i just dont knw english that well

Annet said...

Indeed Dagmar, Jackie Chan doesn't seem to have any problems with the busy filming schedule and even finds time to do other things besides filming like setting up new productions. I'm sure he's editing this one as well. What an energy he has

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Dear Annet, that´s why I wrote that Jackie looks not as tired because he really looks good and it is obvious he is very busy while filming and hisk work is really tiresome. He always cares also of another things than just for his role as we all who admire Jackie for many years know. Now I see I should probably use another wordˇphrase but not easy for me but English is not my mother language.

Annet said...

I know what you mean, Dagmar. You really can't see Jackie Chan is a little over 60. He's more active and looks better than a person of 50 or even younger. He does so much on the set besides acting and directing. In every extra on a dvd you see him tidy up, carry things around and learning people things. He's called big brother for good reason as he's acting like one as well. Always looking out for and helping others, on and off the set.

Don't worry about the language Dagmar, English isn't my first language either and I can understand you very well. It's always difficult to explain yourself in a different language than your own.

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