Friday, October 24, 2014

Skiptrace Press Conference

Skiptrace held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the movie. In attendence were Jackie, Renny Harlin (Director) Johnny Knoxville and Fan Bingbing (co-stars). Also present was a rather unusual vehicle which is one of the get-away cars in the movie, and an alpaca which is the film's mascot. A herd of alpaca's also feature in the film. Due to Renny Harlin's love of animals there are a great many animals in the movie including horses, donkeys, cats, dogs, lizards,and alpacas.

Jackie said that the name of the movie may change and that he got the idea for the movie from the audience reaction to "Karate Kid" when they said 'China is so beautiful'. As a result he decided to put in a wide range of Chinese landscapes from Inner Mongolia, to Guangxi, Yunnan, Tianmu, Macau, Hong Kong, and because it is a multinational film, Russia, the United States and other overseas destinations are also included.

Speaking about the action Jackie said that it would contain his trademark action comedy while Fan Bingbing said that her action in the movie was focussed on self-defence rather than fighting.

Jackie said that he was staying fit by running every day in addtion to filming during the day, and editing 'Dragon Blade' at night.

The press took the opportunity to ask Jackie about Jaycee to which Jackie replied that they had the same information he had about Jaycee and asked them not to spread malicious and untrue rumours. Jackie also said that the situation with Jaycee had not hurt his career and pleaded with the press not to say things that would cause further heartache for Jaycee's mother.

Kung Fu Star Jackie Chan has attended a press conference in Beijing for his latest film "Skiptrace".

Directed by Renny Harlin, the film follows a Hong Kong detective, played by Chan, who tracks down a mouthy American gambler on the run from creditors.

The two unlikely partners then team up and embark on a wild journey through China's most scenic and exotic locations.

Die Hard 2 director Harlin, spoke highly of Jackie's performance.

"I thought that I knew everything about film making already, but working with Jackie, I'm learning so much every day. His way of doing things and improvising action and coming up with ideas, he's a comic genius which everybody knows. He's a comic genius and he will always come up with something that you add to the scene, so it's even more fun."

The film started shooting in August and is expected to hit the cinema in 2015.




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Annet said...

It really sounds like this is going to be another great film. I'm sure Jackie Chan had a great time filming it with the vehicle, traveling and creating the action on the spot. Jonathan Ross already said that CZ wouldn't be Jackie Chan's last big action film and it looks like this is going to be big action film again.

So glad to hear we are going to enjoy more of China's beautiful nature. Love the alpaca on the stage, so sweet and beautiful.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Thanks for this very useful article and great photos. It is always nice to know what Jackie does and where he is. And when the animals will be also a part of the movie then I will surely love it. I saved all the pics, I was sure that nothing damages Jackie´s career as also he said.

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