Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jackie Reaches Out To Hong Kong Protesters

As you may know Hong Kong has been brought to a standstill by protests in recent weeks. Students are demanding further concessions from Beijing with regard the election and nomination of Hong Kong's chief executive and have taken to the streets in protest. Estimates place the loss of business at about 80% or approximately HK$350 billion [US$45 billion] which, to put it in perspective, is more than the losses incurred during the SARS outbreak.

Jackie reached out the protesters via Weibo on October 9th with this message:


I found out through the news that Hong Kong’s economic losses reached HK$350 billion and I’m really worried…I believe every Hong Kong resident loves Hong Kong and wishes it well! Hong Kong’s bright tomorrow requires everyone’s support and hard work…In the song "Country," one line goes: "There is no prosperous home without a strong country." I am willing to work hard with everyone and return to rationality, to face the future, love our country, love our Hong Kong.



Viczian Christy said...

These people are angry, they can't see if they destroy their own economy, they going to destroy the solid basic of their future. Wish peaceful solution. not only Hong Kong people can see they are Chinese and all the Chinese people must be proud of their countryand their past, but China also should respect the freedom of Hong Kong people.We all living on this Earth, and we must be wise enough to know,that we can never possess any piece of this world only can live in peace together.
I understand Jackie and agree with him <3

Annet said...

It's a difficult situation there. Hong Kong used to be British and the residents had a lot more freedom (of speach) than mainland China. When it was turned over to China they still had privilages. As elections are coming they want to keep those privileges. However, Chinese government wants Hong Kong to be (more) one with China. People in Hong Kong don't want to loose their privileges and freedom the have now and will loose when Hong Kong loses it's special place within China. This is about a lot more than just economics. But I agree, this is going on for very long time now and has a lot of influence on the economic stituarion. Maybe they didn't think it would last for so long as this can be a bad for their future. I hope this can be sorted out in peace and quick

Annet said...

Just saw on the news that roadblocks were removed. Didn't know it was so vast and affected so many people within Hong Kong. We did get the news here that people were let through to go to work. The protesters almost blocked the entire city, that is big and not very good. Hopefully they will read Jackie Chan's call, it will resolve soon and in a peacefull way.

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