Saturday, November 9, 2013

Unveiling "Battle of Harmony"

Jackie unveils a statue of himself at his JC Film Gallery in Shanghai.

A gift for reporters

The museum will focus on Jackie Chan movies as "Chinese symbols, kung fu star, charity messenger" giving a comprehensive display of Jackie's life with fifty years remarkable success in film. Jackie said, that preparation for the gallery took five years and it took three years to build. He not only had to come up with more than 40 million yuan renovation costs on his own, but also spent a lot of manpower and resources over the years on his own props from the film, sculpture, and even transporting U.S. filming props to Shanghai. Jackie said: "Over the years I have looked into a many warehouses, not willing to lose the props, if it wasn't for this gallery, I really do not know what would happen to these things. I am afraid they would then disappear . "

SOURCE: SOHU.COM (text), WEIBO (pics), ENT.163.COM (pics)

About the sculpture “Battle of Harmony”

Internationally acclaimed Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan unveiled his own statue “Battle of Harmony” in Shanghai yesterday, right in front of the JC Film Gallery set to open in Putuo District next April.

The statue features a dragon fighting with Chan and the intended message is that everyone’s biggest opponent is oneself. The dragon is composed of thousands of hand models of the action star himself.

“I always challenge myself to be better each time, almost killing myself,” Chan said at the unveiling ceremony. “I hope this spirit can pass on to more young people through the sculpture.”

The statue was created by Omri Amrany, an Israeli-American sculptor and painter, and his wife Julie Rotblatt-Amrany. Rotblatt-Amrany, who attended the ceremony, called Chan the icon of contemporary culture.

“He inspires all generations, especially the young. He’s an inspiration for us. It’s a way to honor and admire him,” she said. “The sculpture involves yin and yang elements from China and brings harmony in tension.’’

The ceremony yesterday was also to promote the JC Film Gallery, a museum showing Chan’s growth into a world-renowned action star together with his costumes, props used in his films and his charity causes.

The gallery, with an investment of 40 million yuan (US$6.6 million), is set to open to the public in Changfeng Ecological Business Hub in the district next April.

A lighting ceremony was also held at the venue and featured nine out of 17 streets lamps that Chan bought in Los Angeles in 2007 during the shooting of Rush Hour 3.




Dagmar said...

Again, I am stunned seeing all the great details of the JC Gallery and I just can say my wish is once to see the very amazing statue, the great lamps and other things there. It is seen on Jackie´s face that he is happy that the Gallery is opened and the great project is finished successfully.

Anonymous said...

Wish full of succes to Jackie !!!! Very meaningful and expressive statue ! I wish I can be there with him and I can see the Gallery !!! <3
LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH JACKIE CHAN !!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>> <33333

Anonymous said...

Jackie Chan the very amazing statue beautiful photos Very Good , I love the picture..... Would be very strange if they did and he was side by side. Has there ever been a more and some more often subject of a wax sculpture? Does he have to go thru and get measured every time? or do they do it from his old measurements and new photo? Any Insight?

Ayunita Aan said...


Alison goodall said...

What a brilliant statue, wish him the best off anything he acheives in life.. looks very happy. Hope 2 meet my idol soon. Love u loads

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