Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jackie Cuts His Hair

As you may know from this blog that Jackie is filming a new police drama called "Police Story 2013". Despite the title it is not a continuation of Jackie's previous Police Story series but a completely new film. Details at this stage are very sketchy but the plot centers around a hostage drama with Jackie playing a Police Officer from mainland China. The movie is filming in Beijing at present. The role required Jackie to cut his hair short for the part. The movie is expected to finish filming in March with a release date in 2013.

Jackie spoke about his revolutionary new hairstyle:

片方亦首度曝光了成龙剃头的照片,说起这次彻底改变30多年的标志性发型,成龙坦言是出于对新片的重视:“早年间我在嘉禾拍戏的时候,有一次刚剪完头发就受伤,结果我的义父,也是嘉禾的创始人之一何冠昌,就下令说以后都不许我再剪短头发。倒不是迷信什么,其实也没少受伤,每一部片子都受伤,就是习惯了一直没剪过短发。那这次完全是因为《警察故事2013》这个角色,我特别喜欢这个剧本,有很多新鲜的角度和尝试,这个角色要求必须剪一个板寸,开始他们还担心能不能说服我,其实完全不用担心,因为我看完剧本就决定我要演,我愿意为这个角色改变这么多年保持的发型。” 不过到了真正剃头的时候,成龙还是有点舍不得。“毕竟是留了这么多年的头发,那天开拍前剃头的时候,我就跟发型师说你要快点下手,要不我该后悔了,结果他手还真快,我话还没说完,他就拿个推子三下两下就给我都剃了。好了,这下没得后悔了,为了新电影的角色,我不后悔。”

The production release a first exposure to the barber's photo of Jackie talking about this revolutionary change to a 30 year iconic hairstyle. Jackie Chan admitted that he cut his hair because of the great importance of the new movie: "In the early years, when filming in Golden Harvest, once I was injured just after having my hair cut, my adoptive father, also one of the founders of Golden Harvest Leonard Ho, decreed that I am not allowed me to cut my hair. Not for superstition because, in fact, every movie that I was not injured in my hair had not been cut. This is entirely because of the role of the "Police Story 2013" I particularly like the script. There are many fresh points of view. This role requires a short crew cut. At the start they also worried that they can not convince me to cut my hair, in fact, there was nothing to worry about, because I read the script and decided that I want to play, and I am willing to change after so many years to keep the hair for the role. "

But when it comes to a real barber, Jackie Chan was still a little reluctant. "After so many years of hair cuts the day before the shooting, I told the hair stylist "you have to be quick to start with, or else I regret the results of his hands really fast and I would not finish. He took a clipper gave me a shave. Well, I do not regret this for the role of the new movie. I do not regret it. "



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