Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Expendables 3 Question

To answer the Expendables 3 question here is the exact text of Jackie's reply during the press conference for CZ12 in Malaysia when asked if he would do Expendables 3 or 4:

Jackie: "Suppose Expendables 2 they ask, Stallone, Sly, asked me, but that time I said 'Sorry because I'm doing 12 Zodiac '. I said 'after Zodiac'. Uh right now I believe they are writing Expendable 3. Uhh they ask me again.Then I said 'please just not like a 2 shot - uh 2 scene. Can we do like a really buddy-buddy movie?' Then they say 'ok we try it'. Now they are writing the script right now."

Interjection from reporter: "So?"

Jackie: "I don't know. I don't know the result yet." From which I conclude that Jackie has been asked, but his participation is still dependent on what script they come back with. 


michelle chan said...

Go Jackie!,Go!!
you are unique!!!

Anonymous said...

jackie should do a chinese expendables with yuen biao and sammo hung

Anonymous said...

Yessss...such a good idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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