Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (WIKIPEDIA)is one of the "Eight Model Plays" of the Cultural Revolution (WIKIPEDIA). Unlike any of the other works, it is based on a real incident that happened in 1964 during the Chinese Civil War. A film was made of the opera in 1970 and a remake has been talked about since 2008. The project was first going to be an animated adventure but in 2010 Jackie came on board as an investor and since then it has developed into a live action project to be filmed in 3D. It is currently listed for production in 2013 with filming in Taiwan and Canada (at present). It will be directed by Tsui Siu Ming and starring Jackie Chan. It has an estimated budget of $30 million. Yang Zirong has been cast in the lead role with further casting to take place later in Taiwan.

The project is part of a new collaborative initiative between Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese film makers which will be introduced at the Shanghai Film Festival.


PS There is in fact an animated version of the story but it is an unrelated project.


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