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Jackie Sponsors Football Club

The Club Logo

Official Sun Hei Supporters watch thanks to http://twitter.com/PB503PDX

Sun Hei Sports Club is a first division football team in Hong Kong. In 2009 their previous sponsorship came to the end of its contract. In 2011/12 JC Group and Sunray Cave Group formed a joint sponsorship deal with the club and the club is now known as the Sunray Cave JC Sun Hei.


The Sun Hei 'B' Team have several members of the Hong Kong Star Football Team playing for them including Alan Tam and Eric Tsang (who are also honorary Presidents of the club) and have played in a number of exhibition matches.


More about the Hong Kong Star Football Team:

Hong Kong Star Football Team

The star football team in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Movie Star Sports Association 's football team, founded in 1986 [1] , sponsored by Hong Kong singer Alan Tam Wan Chi-keung, the late former football team center . Incorporated in October 1993 , the Hong Kong Movie Star Sports Association Charitable Foundation is committed to developing services for the elderly.
A member of the Hong Kong star football team, including Hong Kong artist and retired Hong Kong First Division League players , the main members include Eric Tsang , Nat Chan , Felix Wong , Yin Yang Ming , Ho Jin , Edmond Leung , Zhang Guoqiang , Law Ka Ying , Hacken Lee and Raymond , etc., each has found time actively participate in and support the activities of football, I hope the popularity of influence to promote football by players, as well as engage in charitable activities, often Yuezhan other teams for friendlies, but also participate in a charity football match for the needs of organizations or persons to raise funds.
In October 1993 , incorporated non-profit charitable organization in Hong Kong Movie Star Sports Association Charities "is committed to developing services for the elderly, through organizing different kinds of large and small fund-raising activities to help the needy elderly: the elderly escort vehicle. holiday meal delivery, visits, material donation, and other services [2] .
[ edit ] helping the disadvantaged

In October 2010 , the Hong Kong Movie Star Sports Association Charitable Foundation to participate in the Home Affairs Department to implement the Enhancing Self-Reliance "Community Collaboration Project [3] , for the creation of social enterprises vegetarian restaurants [4] [5] , to promote public awareness health and environmental protection, food culture, while hired through charitable organizations, "Long Ear" hearing-impaired persons [6] , through practical work, let them be trained to provide employment opportunities to promote self-reliance and integration into the community.




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