Sunday, May 29, 2016

Skiptrace Press Conference Photos

Skiptrace held a press conference in Beijing to release a 'making of' and new posters for the movie. Yuen Biao was a surprise guest for Jackie. At the press conference some of Jackie's stunt team members demonstrated how they choreograph a fight under Jackie's direction. Jackie spoke about nearly drowning filming a scene in Gansu. He said that the animal skin raft floated away from him in the rough water and because he isn't a very good swimmer he was shouting for help. Unfortunately the crew were unable to reach him quickly, but then the raft floated back and Jackie was able to grab it. 

Yuen Biao and Jackie also shared some memories about how tough things were when they were younger. 


Annet said...

brilliant foto's. there are foto's I hadn't seen yet. Thank you for posting. Really great Yuen Biao came on stage, loved Jackie Chan's face. I hope they can do something together one day.

Annet said...

Must have been a really scary moment for him there in the water and seeing the raft going somewhere else. Even for people who can swim a river like that and seeing a raft going away from you can be scary.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Great photos, I saved all of them! While filming the dangerous scene Jackie must finally help himself as usual! I am sure all fans were happy also to see Jackie´s brother Yuen Biao, often I hear that next to the young generation even young Jackie´s fans would like to see his co-workers from the past. Thanks a lot for this great news!

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