Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan

Jackie spent his birthday launching a new company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company had a private share listing last year when Jackie, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Goali, Li Bingbing, Eric Tsang, Stanley Tong and Huang Xiaoming became the main shareholders. A public share offering was listed on the 7th April.

Following a major reorganization in the corporation, it was decided to focus on investment in the film industry, television production and the development of computer games.

The 7th of April is also Stanley Tong's and Eric Tsang's birthday so they celebrated with cake and a private meal.


Annet said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, with friends. It seems like they had a great time too. Happy birthday to all, stay young. You are as you as you feel in your heart and seems they are very young still :-)

Annet said...

Really love Jackie Chan's birthday cake complete with stars and little sheep. Looks like a children's birthday cake, very Jackie Chan :-) he must have loved it.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

That´s fantastic that these three fantastic artists have their holidays so close to each other! Happy Birthday Jackie, Eric and Stanley!

Satheeshiyer said...

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan. I remember the days we took photo together in a photoshoot of Dashavatharam in Chennai, India. Lots of love from India. :))

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