Thursday, February 11, 2016

Railroad Tigers: New Poster

A new poster has been released for Railroad Tigers at the European Film Market in Berlin. The movie has a tentative release date for October 2016.

Synopsis of Railroad Tigers:

In December 1941, Japan expands the occupation of neighbouring countries to Southeast Asia. The railway from Tianjin to Nanjing in East China becomes a key military transportation route, heavily guarded by Japanese soldiers. Railroad worker Ma Yuan (Jackie Chan) leads a team of freedom fighters. Using his intimate knowledge of the train networks, he and his men sabotage it, ambushing Japanese soldiers and stealing supplies to feed the starving Chinese. Although the freedom fighters have no weapons of their own, they employ whatever tools are at hand, including shovels, loose railway track planks and diverted trains. The local Chinese call the unlikely heroes the "Railroad Tigers". The freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when the Japanese send reinforcements to Shandong. In an act of defiance, Ma Yuan launches his most dangerous mission yet, blowing up a heavily-guarded railroad bridge. When the Japanese learn about the plan, which will derail the war effort, the stakes are raised even higher.


Annet said...

Sounds like a great film, looking forward to it. I hope it will be released on dvd in Europe as well.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Right now alost each day we can atch in our TV the history of the second world was and also about the Japan´s role. So the more I am curious of this movie. It will be surely amazing.

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