Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jackie Visits Orphanage in Shanghai

Today Jackie visited an orphanage in Shanghai for babies abandoned due to congenital disease. The orphanage "Shanghai Baby House" finds foster and adoptive parents for the children.

From Jackie on Weibo:

Today in Shanghai to visit the "Shanghai Baby House" children, these children are abandoned because of some congenital illness, a group of mothers accept them, and slowly build this organization, hosting more and more children to participate so there are as many as 70. There are many foreign couples, knowing that the children are in good enough health to adopt or to provide a home for them, very grateful to these parents.

Looking at these children, how I wish I was a doctor, let them all of a sudden back to health, but now I can only make Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation help them with financial and material resources, to help these great mom, but also hope that through I my own microblogging can appeal to everyone to pay attention to those doing good mom and innocent children. A single person's power is limited, the more people focus on, there will be greater the force!


看着这些小朋友,我多希望自己是个神医,能让他们一下子恢复健康,但是现在我只能让自己的@北京成龙慈善基金会 在财力物力上帮助他们,帮助这些伟大的妈妈,也希望通过我自己的微博能呼吁大家都来关注这些做善事的妈妈和无辜的小孩子。单个人的力量有限,越多人关注,就会有越大的力量!



Annet said...

Great foto's and clip. Jackie Chan does such wonderful work

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Until Jackie and all the great helping people exist then this world is a wonderful place to live.......

Benjamin Heider said...

Wow, These photos touch my heart! I think everyone needs a place wich it's called "Home", where you are loved and where you could give love. I Love Your hard work and care for other People Jackie!

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