Monday, November 26, 2012

I'ts a Dog's Life - CZ12 Stills

Stills and behind the scenes photos of Jackie filming scenes with dogs for CZ12. Jackie revealed some details about the dog bite he received while filming on the recent TV show "Super Access". Working with the dogs required patience he said, and lots of bonding through playing with them and giving them treats during breaks. Unfortunately in one scene Jackie still had the scent of food on his hand so the dog nipped at his hand accidentally, drawing blood. Jackie said that the dogs loved playing ball and were actually very loveable.



carolthescot said...

So that's what it was....makes sense now.Thanks for the info ;0)

gilesmic said...

I really want to see this movie! I hope it gets released in America.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think all the distributors in various countries are holding off to see the release in Asia results, or a finished product, or both. I know Jackie can't be in all places for a release, but I also hope we don't have to wait a year for a distributor to step up to the plate. Can you imagine - opening date in June next year or December next year. MY Heart is Breaking!

gilesmic said...

I bet you are right. Distributors may be waiting to see a final product before they decide if they can sell it to a US audience. I just hope if it does get released, it has a wide release all over the country and not just in limited areas. I would think distributors would want to release it by Christmas though since a lot of people go to the movies over the holidays and kids are off school and all, but I don't know. If I was a distributor I'd have picked it up already, I mean "Jackie Chan's last big action movie" should be enough to get people to the theater.

It would really be a shame if Jackie's last big hurrah isn't released in the US at all. That would be tragic. I can't imagine they would do that, but ya never know.

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